About Us

NP Cailes Piano Technician – We offer a professional service, with over 25 years experience.

Whether your piano in is need of a professional tune, or your family heirloom is in a complete need of a major overhaul, we can come to your home and in detail that you will understand, explain what may be required to have your instrument in top performing condition again.

Many people may feel that their piano is far past it's used by date, but we guarantee that with our expertise we can, through precision regulation and servicing have your piano singing again, without the costly outlay of a new instrument.

We have worked for many happy customers, including Kirrabilli House, Emi, The Finn Brothers, Marcia Hines, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, Many Government Functions, Hotels, Resorts, Eisteddfods, Music Stores, Music teachers and Private Homes.

Our Services Include:

Piano Tuning

Concert Piano Tuning

Action Regulation


Pianola Tuning Servicing and Rebuilds

Piano Removalist

Piano and Keyboard Tuition

Keyboard PA Setups

Warranty and Insurance work