Piano Tuning

As a Qualified and Registered Technician

Our point of difference is;

  • We seat the strings onto the bridge which completely improves the tone of the top scale of the piano.
  • We tune the piano twice in it's first tuning to ensure the tuning is stable, then once happy with the tuning of the piano, I then work on voicing the hammers so that each note played has a consistant tonal quality.
  • Once I am happy with the overall result, I will play the piano for you to ensure you hear it's new found voice.
  • Or should you perhaps prefer the piano to sound brighter or a little more mellow, I will make the needed adjustments until you are pleased.


You may wonder “how can the voice of my piano be changed?”

Often the part of the piano that is most neglected is the mechanical parts of the piano, all moving parts of your piano need to operate together consistently and precisely to achieve a uniform tone to produce bright or mellow tones. This is called Action Regulation.