Piano/Pianola/Orchestral Restoration

Whether it’s a simple repair to your piano to fix a sticking key or a major rebuild we cover all areas.

  1. Bass and Treble String Replacement.
  2. New Tuning Pins/Tuning Planks.
  3. New Hammers, Dampers, Damper Tail Felts
  4. New Action Springs, Loops, Butt Springs or Loop Cord.
  5. New Bridle Tapes/Wires etc.
  6. New Keyboard Replacement, plus Keyboard Felts and Punchings.
  7. Centre Pin Replacement.
  8. New Bridges or Repairs/Bridge Pins.
  9. Repolishing Brass Hinges, Pedals and Castors.
  10. French Polishing.
  11. Soundboard/Rib Repairs.


For Pianolas, Player Pianos and Orchestrions we can carry out the above work plus rebuilding Bellows, Wind Motors, Piping, Pneumatics, Pouch and Valve repairs

We can also fit Suction Boxes to your old pianola so that it plays automatically at the flick of a switch – (no more foot pumping, unless you want it to).

Then to protect all the work that has been completed to your beloved instrument, we can install a humidity device to prevent damage to your piano, primarily this will prevent rust and control the environment inside your piano, so that the piano stays in tune longer throughout the year - an absolute must for any Piano.

The benefit of these units is that they can easily be transferred to any piano should you change to a different piano over the years.